Why Choose Us?

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Retractable Screens are a speciality. 

It is crucial a rectractable screen is installed professionally (plumb, level and square) to ensure reliable operation for many years to come.  With nearly a decade of installations, this is your guarantee we take the time to ensure your retractable screen functions exactly as it should.

It's an important investment.  Professional advice and installation from a reputable company with more than one brand to offer ensures you are given balanced information.  This also saves you time and money.  

Whether it is to keep out pesky flies, annoying disease-carrying mosquitoes, or even slithering snakes, we want you to be able to make the best, informed decision for you and your family.  The right screen first time equals peace of mind.


What We Do


Every retractable screen we install is unique, specifically manufactured to your door or window size.  It is rare for a window or door to be 'perfect', so we make judgements about what allowances to make.  These judgements are the result of many years of experience.  This all occurs when we attend your home to undertake your free measure and quote.  We will bring small working samples of each screen and explain how it will fit, look and perform in your door, window or patio.  We will explain your brand options, colour options, mesh options and install options.

Then, we put it all in writing

and we stick to it!

Installation And Repair

A typical retractable screen takes around 3-4 weeks to be manufacturered and prepared for installation.  Every installation is a little different - expect it to take between 2-4 hours, depending on the brand, size and number of screens. Great care is taken to ensure you know how to best use, care for and maintain your new retractable screen.

We've noticed when we are called to repair older retractable screens and there is something wrong with the function, in most cases it is an installation fault or a wrong choice.  Sometimes we can repair it, mostly though it requires full replacement.   Development of better retractable screens in the last few years usually outweighs spending much on the old ones.

Windows And Doors

Generally doors are best fitted with a pull-across retractable screen, while windows perform best with pulldown screens.  Bi-folds, French Doors and most Stacker doors ideally benefit from a discreet screening system like a retractable screen.  If you have a knock-out view or vista - retractable screen it - screens that are there when you need them, gone when you don't.  Convenient, safe and practical.

A good retractable screen should be robust.  The flymesh should not shift easily out of the tracks (above or below) when the breeze gusts up a little.  Push on the mesh, if it comes away from the track, choose another.  Too often mesh left out of the tracks results in damage and extra costs (and unwanted guests!).



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